Branding for your Facebook page

Building a brand you can be proud of for your Work From Home Business


You may be wondering why I’m writing a whole post on branding when this is a series to mastering your Facebook Page. The main reason that I’m bringing up branding now is that a powerful brand is much more effective at attracting new fans.

I owned 2 Oshkosh B’Gosh shops in Sydney for 7 years. One of the main things I learned from that experience is the importance of a brand. If you know Oshkosh, you will be aware that EVERYTHING is about the brand! The clothing, belts, shoes, socks, headbands, bedding, stuffed toys, stationary, packaging…you name it, it was branded!! The die-hard Oshkosh enthusiast would not just come in for the T-shirt, they would come in for the whole outfit – everything head to toe would be Oshkosh. However, the brand wasn’t just about the logo. People knew that Oshkosh clothing stood for quality, fashionable clothing and great customer service!

So when I started in my home business, I understood that I needed to spend some time and get clear about the brand I wanted. I wanted people to immediately know it was about working from home but I wanted it to be fun and to capture everything that we are as mums! You can read more about what a Work From Home Yummy Mummy is here.

Here are my 7 tips to developing a brand for your Work From Home Business:

Tip 1: Use A Consistent Design

A large portion of branding online is about image and that image is portrayed through your design. It can be the logo, a set of colours, or simply a consistent look and feel. The design from my Facebook page, to my website and to my emails is consistent. That is to develop the awareness of the Work From Home Yummy Mummy brand. The local Facebook pages for our team have the same Work From Home Yummy Mummy design too.

Tip 2: Determine Your Brand Personality

While brands may not be people, the personification of brands helps potential clients/business partners to connect with them. That’s why it’s important to determine what your brand’s personality is. Much of that personality can come through your own voice since people like connecting with other individuals but you should be able to define the overall personality of your brand as well.

Tip 3: Have A Consistent Dialogue

Whether you are having a conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or during a presentation, it’s important to have a consistent message. While you can engage in different conversations, it’s important that your conversation is most frequently about similar ideas or concepts. For example, Dr Phil would not have a conversation with his viewers about computer programming. Maybe that’s an extreme example but the main point is that there is a consistent dialog that you should have with your prospects. For Work From Home Yummy Mummy, it is not just about working from home but it is also about your well-being and getting the balance for your whole life.

Tip 4: Define Your Target Market

Who are you selling to? That’s a question that many work from home businesses fail to answer and in the end they become so broadly focused that they end up selling nothing. I have seen people make this mistake and the results can be extremely painful. You invest months building something only to find out that you didn’t target a specific market and in the end nobody ends up making a purchase or is interested in the business. This is also extremely important for when you begin running ad campaigns on Facebook.

Tip 5: Listen To Your Target Market

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more about listening than talking at people. Some of your prospects will want to engage in a dialogue with your brand and Facebook public profiles are a great place for that to take place. Many times your fans will actually tell you what they’d like your brand to provide. This is gold to any effective marketer. Spend the time to listen, don’t just speak at your fans.

Tip 6: Provide Relevant Content That Amplifies Your Brand

It’s difficult to consistently come up with original content. As you browse the web, share content that is relevant to your brand directly from within your Facebook page. This way you can keep your fans engaged with ongoing content and you don’t need to always be the one producing that content.

While sharing content from around the web is always an easy way to get your fans engaged, it’s always better to create original content. Content that entertains, inspires, engages, informs, or simply makes the reader smile is great for keeping their attention. If you want to learn more about creating great content I highly recommend reading Copyblogger on a regular basis.

Tip 7: Leverage Multiple Branding Channels

No, Facebook Pages are not the be all to end all of your branding strategy for your work from home business. What is the best site is for building your brand and generating new business? Go to where your prospects are! If your existing or potential clients/business partners are on Facebook (there’s a good chance they are there with over 250 million users) or Pinterest, you should be there. Wherever your potential clients/business partners are, you should be there.

Spend some time listing out the personality traits of your brand. That’s right … if your brand was a person, what type of person would it be?

If you would like to be a Work From Home Yummy Mummy, head on over to our Work From Home Business Opportunity page and fill in the form.



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