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7 Tips To Building A Brand Online

Building a brand you can be proud of for your Work From Home Business   You may be wondering why I’m writing a whole post on branding when this is a series to mastering your Facebook Page. The main reason that I’m bringing up branding now is that a powerful brand is much more effective…

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3 Ways To Develop A Presence On Facebook

Unless you have been on a deserted island, you probably already know that Facebook is HUGE! Not only is it a place to hang out and find out what your friends and family are up to, more businesses are seeing the potential and are flocking to use Facebook as a tool to develop their presence…

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The Key To Using Facebook to Market Your Business

Facebook Marketing For Your Work From Home Business For many years Facebook was seen as a place where people seemed to waste a lot of time. Well, that is at least what I thought! I was one of the last of my friends and family to even set up an account and only did so…

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