Are you ready to get into your uncomfy zone?

You may have a home business or you may want to start a home business, either way, you are going to have to take courage to make things a little uncomfortable to grow. The only way you are going to be successful in your work from home business is to break out of your comfort zone. This involves pushing your limits and doing things that we normally would not do or are not normally in our ability to do. You may have a dream to change your life but unless you are ready to push past the anxiety and fear into moving into the unknown, you will have little success in your home business or you may not even start in the first place! Breaking out of our comfort zone will take great courage and persistence because it will be a disconcerting experience.

Here are a 7 things I have learned while kicking myself out of my comfort zone:

1. Don’t make it about you

Make it about helping and serving others.

2. Anxiety is normal

The heart beating faster, the tightness in our throat and the uneasy feeling in our stomach are all normal responses to doing something different. Just learn to push through and accept this uncomfortable feeling as part of the growing process.

3. Remove fear and replace it with belief

A good friend told me this today…so I thought I would steal it ~ Fear robs us, it holds us back in a place that is secure, where there are no risks. Fear inhibits our potential and opportunities. Think about the worst thing that can happen. It usually isn’t as bad as you imagine. Instead of letting your fears play worse-case scenarios in your head, replace them with thought that support and strengthen your goals.

If you’re starting a new business, run a movie in your mind of how successful you want it to be. Then your behaviours will work towards making it happen.

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” ~Mary Manin Morrissey

4. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity

If you are anything like me, a bit of a perfectionist, you want to wait until things are perfect before you act. Waiting until you are better equipped or prepared is a sure way to miss opportunities.

5. Have a Mentor

Find someone who will challenge you to push yourself . They will keep you accountable.

6. Build resilience

Have you ever taken a small risk and it wasn’t very successful? (that’s the nice way of saying it failed!). Don’t see it as a failure but as a stepping stone for success. Everyone has some failures (even the most successful business people) but just get back up and use it as an opportunity to find what works.

7. Use your intuition

Now mums I know you are great at this! We all have a thing called women’s intuition and this is one of the best helpers in getting us to push past the familiar. We seem to know that we are meant to be doing something even though we can’t explain why. It’s not about making decisions or taking action because of the way it feels (we all now feelings aren’t a very accurate gauge for us women :)). What it will be will it is a deep sense that you have a purpose and a destiny.

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When we only operate in the place where we are comfortable and never push the limits, it restricts our thinking and achievements. Keep challenging yourself and trying new things. The rewards for breaking out of our comfort zones can be limitless for us and our work from home business. The rewards for staying where it is safe is, well, more of the same.

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