Doing this series on “The Go-Giver” has been an amazing experience because it has cemented the laws deep into me.

I had read the book twice before doing this series but it wasn’t until I started to apply the laws and consciously work out how they applied to my life, that I began to see the impact they would have both in my work from home business and personal life.

Some of the laws came easy, because I was already implementing them to some degree and others were not as easy.

That brings me to the last law and I realised, by far, the most difficult for me to apply. This was one of those light bulb moments for me!

The Law Of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

“It is better to give than to receive”…was something that was told to me from an early age. You see, I have always been a giver, I actually love it, it seems natural. I realised, though, that I am not a good receiver. I find it very difficult to receive from people and by doing this I have stopped good things coming into my life and denied other people the joy of giving. While I believe this, it is better to give than to receive, there is two sides to this equation. If there are no receivers, there will be no givers. For giving to work, there has to be someone receiving!! It is the full circle.

Joe has an epiphany as Pindar is explaining this law, “All the giving in the world won’t bring you success, won’t create the results you want, unless you also make yourself willing and able to receive in like measure. Because if you don’t let yourself receive, you’re refusing the gifts of others – and you shut down the flow.” We can shut down the flow to success!

Join me in completing the full circle and opening yourself up to receiving. I’m ready to receive…bring it on!!