Many people are searching for what their purpose in life is. No one else can answer that for you because only you know. It may be obscured by our fears, our wanting approval, conflicting advice, parents, teachers, the media, all pulling us in different directions. My faith gives me great purpose and I have also used these steps to live my life on purpose and work from home with purpose.

How do we find our purpose though? The following 6 steps will help you live and work from home with purpose.

6 Steps To Living Your Life With Purpose and Passion

1. Think about your talents and gifts

Take some time to write down your talents, gifts and what you simply love. These will give you clues to your purpose because you will begin to find a theme. Don’t forget though, skills can be learned or acquired if you really are passionate about something!

2. Make a list of people you admire

Ask yourself – What is it about them that I most admire?

3. Take note of what interests you

In the news, conversations, countries, topics, define the attributes of the things that you are most interested in. They may be things you like or things you dislike.

4. Find clues from your childhood

Think about your favourite activities, books, hobbies and dreams as a child and these will give you clues to your purpose.

5. Ask yourself…What if?

What if you had no possibility of failing and were guaranteed success?  What would you do? Your fear of failure may be masking your passion or purpose.  You may well fail but it is only through our failures that we find our success.

6. ‘Green Light’ vs ‘Red Light’

I have taught children about this to help them make good choices. Activities that you are passionate about bring a clear ‘Green Light’. Not sure what this feels like? Think about something in your life that was a definite ‘Green Light’…something that felt right, exciting, satisfying and fulfilling.

Now think about events or experiences that bring a definite ‘Red Light ‘. You know it…you feel sad, heavy, you dread doing the thing. As you learn to distinguish between the Green Light and Red Light experiences you will be on the way to living life on purpose. Getting an ‘Orange Light’? That means slow down, think about it, take some time to evaluate.

Have you ever heard a child say “I didn’t do it on purpose”? I would never want to reflect on my life and say “I didn’t do it on purpose?”

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