There are many ways to start and run a race just as there are many ways to start and run a work from home business!

Yesterday I had a great day with my kids at their athletics carnival. While I was watching the races, it got me thinking about the attributes of the different runners and non-runners and how that applies to our work from home businesses.

These are the 4 types of competitors:

1. Starts fast, doesn’t slow down and finishes fast

This runner usually comes first, second or third. They seem to make it look easy as they effortlessly cross the finish line. Yes, these runners are gifted but what we don’t see is the training they put in and even though through the race, it can get difficult, they persevere.

In home business, these are the people that seem to grow their business quickly and not have any difficulties. They seem to be made for working from home and business! What you will find with this type of person  is that they are putting in hours that no one sees, continually developing themselves, getting training and learning new things. They may have difficulties but they persevere.

2. Start the race well, slows down but eventually finishes

This runner soon finds that the race gets hard. They get tired or get puffed out quickly. What I love about this runner is that they don’t give up! They give it everything they have and push through those difficulties to finish the race. They may be slow but they have the persistence and determination  to finish what they have started. They are not concerned that they didn’t come first or second because it is about them and doing their best.

In work from home businesses, these are the people that start and maybe they are a bit slow but with training, perseverance and determination, they become successful. They push themselves out of their comfort zone and don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty!

3. Starts the race and doesn’t finish

This is the runner who is keen at the start but when things start to get a bit difficult or they realise that they are getting left behind, they give up.They quit!

These are the people who start a work from home business, don’t put in any time or effort to see their business grow and quit at the first sign of difficulty. These people tend to find every excuse they can and blame everything and everybody else for their business not being a success. If only they would have persisted and persevered they would have achieved their dreams!

4. Doesn’t enter the race

This is the child at the carnival who is just a spectator. They wonder what it would be like to run but don’t have the courage to go in any race.They watch the race from a comfortable position, a safe place, and never have to go through being uncomfortable because they don’t even try.

In business, these are the people that have always dreamed of working from home, being their own boss, having a better lifestyle and making more money. Unfortunately, they let fear hold them back and they miss opportunities that are right in front of them. They fear failure or the unknown, they fear what others will think of them, they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and they may even doubt their own abilities. Life passes them by and they become a spectator. They spend their lives thinking “What if?”

If you are thinking about starting a work from home business, don’t let fear hold you back in the place you are. If you do, all you can expect is more of the same but if you open yourself up to having the courage to change your circumstances and persevere, you will be on the way to achieving your dreams!

How will you run the race?