Single Work From Home Mum

My name is Danette, I am a single stay-at-home mum to two beautiful children Brian and Roxanne. Like many single mums and dads I have my children 24/7, I was on a pension which I hated. It was around January 2012 when I decided enough was enough with struggles of trying to live, I needed to find myself a job, but I didn’t want any job, I wanted to work from home so I could be there for my children. As I was on limited money I was cautious as to what I signed up for, I knew that those get rich quick schemes where no good and party planning businesses were out of the question so I kept looking. Towards the end of March I found Work From Home Yummy Mummy and started to chat to Naomi, by April I signed up. I have never looked back and regretted my decision.

This business is like no other business I have been involved with. There is support from not only the person who signed me up but all the way to the founder of our team. When I signed up I signed up in the Yummy Mummy Team (and yes there are fathers in this team as well) and this team is part of the Dual Networking team and the founders of the Dual Networking, James and Kasey, have a website done up for all our training needs. They provide you with all the training, scripts and all the other goodies one would need to be successful. I look forward to helping members of my team build their teams up to be an international business like my own. I have members in my team from all around the world.

The team support is great, not only in the Yummy Mummy team but the Dual Networking team. Whenever I have needed advice or had an issue I just asked the group and together we come up with a solution.  The best thing of all was the fact that when I signed up I was never left to fend for myself. Every week we have training webinars, our upline and other team mates are always there to support each other, its like I have a feeling of belonging here which is great. I have successfully reached the first level of the ladder which is Regional Director and am looking forward to reaching the next leadership level soon.

The best thing of all about this business is the fact that I work it around my life, if I go away on holidays I can take it with me, I can take time off if I need to. This business has given me the freedom to be there for my children. I wake up every morning not stressed about what I have to do at work or what to wear, I get up get the kids off to school and then come home and work. I love the fact that I am helping people, some with getting their health in better shape and others with building their business.  I love the fact that I now live a life by design and not by default.

I encourage you to go after your dreams and a better life. You can achieve them!