Backlinks are one of the most important factors for search engine optimization, but many home business owners don’t know how to go about getting them, or they go about it the wrong way and get penalised. Having backlinks coming from relevant websites would convince the search engines that your website has got really important content relating to that particular keyword. That means your website will be ranked high on the search engines.
This is a  list of things you should never do so you don’t risk getting a penalty:
    Don’t buy links from known link brokers. Google knows about most of them, and you can be penalised for buying links from them.

  • Don’t buy links on sites that are not indexed in Google, because they could be banned. Links from low-quality or banned domains could hurt your rankings.
  • Don’t use the exact same anchor text for every link. This looks unnatural, and you could be penalised. Use your main keyword about 50% of the time, and split the rest of your links between 2-3 other keywords.
  • Build backlinks slowly at first. It is very unnatural for a site to get hundreds of links in the first week. Get only 10-20 links per day for the first couple of weeks, then slowly build the number you get daily up over time.
Getting backlinks is easier than a lot of people think. You don’t have to sit around and wait for people to link to your site naturally, and you don’t have to buy links. Just get out there and build links to your site on your own for your work from home business. Any place that allows you to post links, does not use the “rel=nofollow” tag, and is a quality site works fine for backlink purposes.
Here are some ideas:
  • Submit to Web Directory’s, they are easy way to get your Backlink collection started.
  • Post articles to article directories like and place a link to your site in your resource box at the end of each article
  • Place a link to your site in your signature on various forums in your niche and make helpful posts. You will get a quality backlink, and you may get some direct traffic, too
  • Create profiles on various web 2.0 sites and put a link to your site somewhere in your profile. Many sites allow you to post links on your profile to your blog or website
  • Comment on blogs and add a link to your site in the URL field.
  • Build pages on sites like and and add links to your site. Don’t forget to link to internal pages and not only the main domain.
  • You can also create backlinks by exchanging links with various websites in your niche. This way both of you will benefit by increased traffic to your sites.
These are just a few of the many ways you can build backlinks on your own. Don’t just sit around waiting for sites to link to you, because you are their competitor. Get out there and build links!