Have you been hanging around Procrastinationland and laziville too long?

Well its time to take your life into your own hands and get a plane ticket out of there!

But you say “I need everything to be perfect before I start…the ducks have to all be lined up in a row.”

Successful people…you know the ones I’m talking about…NEVER wait for the duck to be lined up in a row before they start something. They know that when you take action and step out…the ducks start getting organised.

Are there some risks? Can you make mistakes? Maybe…but you can always learn from those mistakes and come out stronger and wiser.

Ok…so let’s take a look at some habits of action takers.

1. Live in the Now

While we need to set goals and have dreams for the future, too much of that can lead to overwhelm and confusion. Our goals are there so we have something to aim for but they should never take the place of us taking action now.

Focus on what you can do right now. Don’t worry about what you should have done last week or what you might be able to do tomorrow. When you over think things, fear can quickly come in and rob you of those things you can accomplish.

The only time you can affect is the present. That is why taking action is so powerful. When you move forward, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place when they need to, and with each piece, you see more and more of the bigger picture.

2. Don’t wait for perfect conditions

We live in a coastal town on the N.S.W North Coast. When we go down to the beach, we always see surfers checking out the conditions. They go from beach to beach and watch the waves, looking, waiting and searching for the perfect conditions.

This verse from the bible sums it up so well “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” ~Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NLT)

I have to admit… I struggle with this one because I like to know that everything is well organised and in order before I start. There will always be something that isn’t quite right but if you wait for everything to be perfect, it never will!

The perfect time to start was yesterday. The second best time to start is now.

3. Be accountable to others

Tell other people that you are going to do something so it makes it harder for you to not do it.

I belong to a small group of other like-minded business people who get together every week on a webinar to tell each other what our goals for the week are. We keep each other accountable but we also support and encourage each other.

If you have a hard time getting going with something get some support. Motivating each other and bringing enthusiasm when one of you is feeling low can really help to develop consistency and useful habits.

4. Just Do It

It’s as simple as that!

The longer you ‘think’ about an idea, the longer you ‘plan’ to do something, the longer you ‘dream’ about something without acting on it, the more likely the idea will become weaker. Pretty soon it become a bit hazy, then after a week it is forgotten completely.

5. Use action to cure fear

So you have this disease called fear…guess what?…everyone does!

Let me give you the cure…ACTION 🙂

The most difficult part of taking action is just before you do. So don’t prolong the agony…once you get started the fear will disappear. Even professional speakers and actors experience pre-performance anxiety.

The first time you do something will always be the hardest but after the ball is rolling, you’ll build confidence and things will keep getting easier.

Kill those fear germs by taking the best medicine for it…take action and build on that confidence.

6. Avoid distractions

You know what I mean…when you work at home there are sooo many things to distract you in the home and online.

Facebook is a great place to build a business but limit your time there and if you have something to do, don’t even go there until it is done. The same applies to emails, twitter, Skype, phone chats with girlfriends..and the list goes on…

These distractions will cost you serious time if you don’t bypass them. Get to the point and get down to business before you get distracted.

Even as I write this post, I have been struggling with distractions via family phone calls, a messy kitchen, skype, facebook…just switch them off or switch off to them.

7. Just Lighten Up!

One way to stop yourself from taking action is to take whatever you are about to do too seriously. That makes it feel too big, too difficult and too scary.

I talk to so many people that would like to start in business but they just can’t take that first step because in their mind they are focusing on the negatives and on what ‘might’ go wrong.

Focus on the positives…focus on your dreams…focus on your ‘WHY’ for wanting to do something.

Relax a bit and lighten up…you often realise that those problems and negative feelings are just something you are creating in your own mind. With a lighter state of mind your tasks seems lighter and becomes easier to get started with.


There you have it..some of the 7 habits of action takers.

So what do you need to take action with today?

Do you have a home business and you need to take some action to make it more successful?

Have you been thinking about starting a home business?

Just make a choice what life you want and then take ACTION! The only thing you will regret in years to come is the fact that you didn’t take action to see where it will lead you. If you fail…so what…use it as a learning experience and then give it another go. Life is too short to have regrets!

Keeping it Yummy!








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