Where Did Time Go?

Working from home is a dream come true for many. Working your own hours, being your own boss, more time for the family, more time for you, creating the lifestyle you have always wanted…and the list goes on!

Unfortunately, this

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can soon turn into a nightmare if you do not properly manage your time. As busy mums, it becomes very easy to get caught up with things around the house and neglect work. Of course, time is money and if you are not spending enough time working then you are simply not earning as much as you could. For work from home business owners, there are many ways to manage time more efficiently. The key is in making the most of every work day and treat your business like a business not just a job.

Here are 5 Time Management Strategies for Work From Home Mums:

1. Allocate your time

Work out how many hours you will work on each day of the week and cross out the time allocated for family, social, personal or fitness. Be prepared though, when you first start out, to put extra time into your business.

Once you have allocated how many hours you will work each week, allocate how much time you will spend on specific tasks. For example, following up leads, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, writing a blog post, learning, researching etc. You should have certain things you do every day but some things can be done once a week.

2. Plan your day.

One of the best ways to manage your time when you work at home is to plan for each new day. Begin the evening before drawing up a work plan for the next day. The most successful home business owners plan accordingly for every day’s work. If you get into the habit of planning today what you must do tomorrow, you are giving yourself the perfect opportunity to be productive. At the end of your workday simply jot down a list of the things that you need to accomplish the next day. Assemble your list in order of priority so that you get the most crucial tasks done first. This prepares you for each workday and ensures that you are not wasting precious time deciding what you need to do when you should be working.

3. Rearrange your working hours

If you feel that family time is interfering with work time then consider moving your work hours around. Set your alarm to begin getting up a bit earlier. Work while your family is still sleeping. You may be surprised at the amount of work that you can get done while your family slumbers. Once the family is up then take time to spend with them. This also works well for those with smaller children who may go to bed fairly early. Put off larger projects until after the children are asleep. This way you can spend quality time with the family and still get the work done that you need to finish each day.

4. Take breaks

Be sure that you are allowing yourself a few breaks throughout the day. Breaks are needed to re-energise you throughout your work day and you may be surprised at how productive you will be once you begin stepping back for just a few minutes each day. Step away from your desk for lunch or simply take a short walk. Just fifteen minutes or so will completely clear your mind and allow you to be much more productive.

5. Find the balance

The key to balancing your work life and your home life is to create a fine balance between work and play. You cannot work all the time. Then again, you must work productively in order to enjoy a successful business. Finding your perfect balance is important in being productive and in enjoying the benefits that come along with working from home. Pay close attention to small things that may cost you precious work time.

In order to enjoy a fully successful business you have to learn to ignore less important distractions and keep your mind focused on the work that you have to do. It may take some time to learn the balance between work life and home life but it can be done and in the end it will prove to be a very rewarding result.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your life!

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    • kate

      Great tips! Not just for mum’s but for anyone working at home!

      • Naomi

        Thanks for your comment. I agree, everyone needs to create that work/life balance!

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