Give For Real

By Nourishing Yourself, You Nourish a Child in Need.

For every purchase on Automatic Order containing one or more of the products below, Mannatech donates nutritional supplements formulated using Real Food Technology® solutions to at-risk children through MannaRelief.†

You can help us reach our goal of nourishing 5 million children around the world. The concept of “donation through consumption” starts with you. By nourishing yourself or your family, you also nourish a child in need.

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This is a giving plan which is donation through consumption. By purchasing nutrition for you and your family, you will be providing nutrition to an at-risk, malnourished child. The goal is to link millions of consumers worldwide directly to providing nutrition to millions of at-risk children all over the world.

There are 3 Options:

OPTION 1: Become a consumer

Every time you receive a product on automatic order, a child receives nutritional support.


While it is obvious that only certain regions of the world are exposed to acute malnutrition, it may surprise you to know that the lack of essential nutrients in the diets of many of our children can still equate to undernourishment, which over a longer period of time, can still produce devastating results.

Ask yourself: Are you and your family each consuming 7-13 servings of fruit and vegetables everyday just to get your minimal requirement of essential nutrients? We know that the nutritional content of food is diminished so it makes it even harder to meet our own nutritional needs. I have done a lot of research on nutrition over the years and my family and I have been taking nutritional supplements for many years. However, these products are natural, plant-based products which are 100% soluble in the body compared to 3-5% in many synthetically produced products. So not only are you doing the best to meet your and your families nutritional needs, you are providing nutrition for a malnourished child and making a real impact in their lives. What could be better than that!

OPTION 2: Become a Team Giver

This is a consumer who is willing to go one step beyond personal consumption and help multiply the number of givers by developing a small team of 6 other consumers. The company will reward you with a monthly bonus for developing a team and this will self fund your own nutritional needs as well as increase the number of children impacted.

OPTION 3: Join our team of Social Entrepreneurs

Play an active role in changing the world. This option is for people who want to help lots of children and earn an income. Social Entrepreneurship is predicted to become the most compelling business model of our time. That is why the rewards can be so significant.


If you want to know more about Option 2 and 3, you can send a message through the contact us button to the side.

Option 1: If you would like to make an order and change a child’s life today, please click on order now to make a secure order. You can register as a member (get 5% discount on retail price) for free and then make the order you want. Make sure you do it as an automatic order (get an additional 10% discount) to ensure the nutrition is provided to a child too. An automatic order can be cancelled at any time and all our products come with a 90 day money back guarantee.

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