Have you heard? …work from home mums are breaking all the records when it comes to work from home business.

Inspiring women are taking the world by storm, leading the charge  and are taking on the men… and winning! Work From Home Mums are earning more than their career counterparts and in some cases their husbands.

It would seem that the fear of economic uncertainty, no job security, an increased cost of living, and a major desire to improve their standard of living, is driving change for mums who work from home.

More and more women are enjoying the right to be able to stay home and look after their family while at the same time being able to contribute to the family income.

We have found a way where we can be a mum, a wife, a friend and a business owner all at the same time. We are earning more while working less. Seem impossible? Well it’s true.


Here are the 7 steps to having a successful home business:

1. Be determined

I do not say this lightly. I have seen too many mums who want to work from home fail because they lacked the determination to see their business through to the end, or to a place of profitability. Instead of using the strength that allowed them to be the women they are, they let their dreams slide by, and gave up.
To them it all became too hard. Be determined to stick with it, to continue to learn and grow. You won’t be sorry!

2. Understand your limits

Unrealistic expectations that we put on ourselves can cause major disappointments. There are only so many days in a week and hours in a day. So look at what you can do and work within those limits.

3. Time Management

Now you understand that you can only do a certain amount of things in your day, you should be making sure the things you are doing are productive and giving you the results you are looking for.

Don’t get caught up in unimportant activities. Work out the time that you want to allocate to different areas of your life. Then set boundaries!

Plan your day, week, month and year and then understand that there will be things that you did not plan for and will require your immediate attention. Even those supernatural mums who work from home, you know the ones we all marvel at because they seem to be able to get everything done and still look amazing, have to put “Margin” into their diary.

Margin is that magical little piece of time that allows us not to stress because we have not filled our diary so much that we cannot make changes.

4. Use your natural gifts

You have God given talents. Take a moment to sit down and work out what they actually are.
Most women seem to network very easily because they have a genuine ability to care and are natural givers.

In business this would be the first thing to write down. The gift of caring is powerful in the business world because it is the person who can care who will be the one who is trusted. People want to do business with someone they like and trust!

5. Find something you believe in.

Find a work from home business that you are passionate about and that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Make sure that if you are a mum who is going to work from home that you have a business that brings value to other peoples’ lives, and it is something that you believe in. You will not get anywhere if you have a business with products or services you don’t believe in.

6. Be prepared to learn new things.

This is one of the most exciting things about being a mum who works from home. All the new things you get to learn. I know it was for me. I went from knowing next to nothing about websites and the internet to where I am today, in a fairly short amount of time. It was a huge learning curve but so fun!!

Through our training events, resources and online webinars etc. we are finding many women who are so excited about the prospect of learning how to build a business and use the internet, plus the amazing offline strategies to work from home and stay with their kids, and build the lifestyle they are looking for.

7. Don’t quit.

This should go without saying however many of the mums who work from home or should I say “worked” from home gave up too soon.

They threw in the towel after only a matter of weeks even though it was not costing them a cent. What a shame. All of their dreams they let go of so easily. Don’t be one of those mums. Make sure you are the one that keeps going and does not give up because the rewards can be so amazing! We will have some failures along the way but it only through these failures that we learn how to be successful. Any successful business person will tell you that they failed many times but the difference between these people and others is they picked themselves up, learned their lessons and kept going!

So work from home Mums, what are you going to do? Are you going to make a stand and build a business from home that you can be proud of? Something that your kids will look at and say “My mum did that?”. Are you going to make great choices that will improve families lifestyle? Or are you going to let your dreams go by.

Of course you are going to do it!!!
Start off correct. Grab our free 7 day video Home Business Bootcamp and learn the simple things you can do right now to get results, and if you are still looking for more help, then let us know. Fill out your details to the right.