How do you run a successful work from home business and balance family life?

Kimberley Douglas is a busy nutritionist who runs a successful practice and a very successful work from home business. She also has her own radio show in Adelaide and has appeared on T.V. Kimberley is a working mother who can sing the praises of setting up an alternative income stream. She joined our company because of the science behind our products and was eager to see what the products would do in her practice. Little did she realise that it would also become a lifeline for her financial wellbeing.

In this interview, Kimberley gives some great advice for mums on how to work from home successfully. She found it was about using a simple and easily duplicated system while finding other people who are motivated and positive about doing the same thing.

It is very important for women to become financially secure and think outside the square when it comes to their finances. We need a ‘rainy day fund’ or residual income for those unexpected financial challenges. This is why I started my work from home business. With mortgage, bills and the expenses of raising three children, we had little to no residual income to put aside for a ‘rainy  day’. I wanted to do something I could work around the family but would provide us with a long term income for anything unexpected. Now my husband is waiting for me to retire him!

As work from home mums we can have everything we want but we must set boundaries and determine our priorities. Kimberley found that she needed to have non-negotiable time with her family. Work out how much time you actually have and then cross out these times in your diary. Set your priorities first and then set your goals. As women and mums/moms, we often have high expectations on ourselves, I know I have been guilty of this! Unfortunately, it leads us to set unrealistic goals and find ourselves getting stressed trying to achieve these. We also need to set clear boundaries of what is ‘work’ time and what time we devote to other important things in our lives.

I know you are going to be inspired and find the information in this interview really helpful! Make sure you read this post about the emerging trend for mums in business. Click here.