There is a new emerging trend that is taking over the world and it’s not skinny leg jeans! Women are kicking men’s butt in the business arena and mums in particular are leading the way in work from home businesses.

Mums  have this amazing ability to multitask and we all know the old saying if you want a job done well, ask a busy person. Actually a recent study showed we multitask, on average, 10 hours per week more than Dads. Wow…no wonder we get tired! Just when you think that you couldn’t possibly juggle another ball, one more gets thrown up in the air and somehow we find a way to not drop them. Ordinary mums are doing extraordinary things. No, we are not superwomen but somehow we have found a way to make things work.


“The Next Economic Boom will not be from the Internet, China or India, but from Empowering Women”
~ Kim Kiyosaki,  entrepreneur, author of the bestselling book, Rich Woman.


Kim Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, investor and  heads up a global team supporting women in achieving financial freedom through investing and business.  Kim is also the wife of international bestselling author, investor and entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki,  and has a good understanding of Women in Business.

In her book, Rich Woman, Kim goes on to explain some of today’s realities for women and money.  The shocking statistics for women are:

  • Of the women over 50 about 47% are single and needing to provide for themselves.
  • Women’s retirement income is less than that of men because a woman is away from work force caring and raising the family for an average of 14.7 years as compared to 1.6 years for men.
  • A recent Australian study women on average are paid 17% less than men regardless of qualifications and education leaving less in the kitty.
  • 50% of marriages now end in divorce and in the first year after that divorce a woman’s standard of living drops an average of 45%

This is another interesting fact…a staggering 96% of people who lay awake at night are worrying about 2 things, health and finances. Our health is under siege and it is a war you can not afford to lose. We all know there has been a global economic downturn, personal debt is out of control, job security is at a low and the cost of living is rising – mortgages, rent, child-care fees, food, petrol and the list goes on. Families are feeling the pinch and struggling just to make ends meet.

This all seems like bad news but we have more choices now than ever!

So what are some of our choices?

  • Mums are often forced to go out to the work force whether they want to or not
  • You can work overtime but who wants to do that
  • Change jobs and hope that the grass is greener
  • Sacrifice your lifestyle to save
  • Buy an expensive business and hope that you make money
  • Borrow more money to invest
  • Invest in real estate or the stock market and we all know how risky that can be

None of these seem like a great choice but there is a new trend emerging. This year there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of women who are going from mum to mumprenuer.  Women are using those amazing skills that they have in being mums and the skills they have developed in the workforce to start their own business and are having huge success doing it. With the internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it has never been easier to build a successful business from home.

Did you know?

  • Women own 585,000 of the 1.9 million small businesses operating in Australia.
  • Women own almost half of all home-based businesses and one-third of businesses operating from other locations.
  • Women setting up business from home is the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy.
  • 46% of women run their businesses from home – a 20% increase in the last five years.
  • Women make or influence 80% of all purchasing decisions.
  • Women owned businesses have less external debt, are more profitable and profitable much earlier than those owned by men.
  • The Direct Selling Industry has created more 6 figure and 7 figure income earners that any other industry

The key to finding a business is having a product that people want, that doesn’t have a lot of competition and is in a market that is big and growing. Having great products is not enough, to have true success you also need a great training and marketing system.

Work from Home Yummy Mummy has it all! We are a team of like-minded mums who have joined together to support each other to build our own business in the wellness industry. The wellness industry is predicted to be the next trillion-dollar industry, so it is definitely the industry that you want to be starting a business in. We have amazing products that no one else has and we have a simple to use, proven marketing system, anyone can use to grow a successful business and make money from home. We train you in using online (things like how to use Facebook) and offline methods to build your business.

If you would like to know more about how you can join our team and start your own work from home business,  email your interest to Naomi at or message me via the Facebook page.

Don’t leave your future in the hands of your employer, the banks or anyone else. There has never been a better time to start your own business and create the life you desire.

Keeping it yummy,